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Tower Designs provides septic system site evaluations and designs in Chelan, Douglas and surrounding counties.Tower Designs was established in 2000 in Leavenworth, Washington. The intention of forming the company was to provide quality septic system designs for a reasonable fee. Contact us at (509) 548-4496

Please direct all inquiries by email to Zach at Zach@towerdesigns.com or Keith at Keith@towerdesigns.com.
We provide the following services.
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Septic system site evaluations (perc tests) - We are licensed by the state to evaluate soils for on-site sewage disposal systems either for your new home or business. With over 33 years of soils experience in this area, our knowledge base is unsurpassed. We can meet your backhoe operator on site, or can arrange a backhoe for you. We guarantee an accurate, detailed assessment of your soil and site with a complete site plan indicating the location of the pertinent topographical features and the location of the test holes. We can also arrange to have the local Health Department observe the holes if required.

Septic system designs – We are licensed to design all types of septic systems including conventional gravity, pressure, sand lined, mounds, sand filters, aerobic treatment, sub surface drip etc. I guarantee an accurate construction ready design that works on your particular site.

Subdivision review – We can also review property for suitability for subdivision (some jurisdiction require the Health District to perform this function). By reviewing test holes, I can provide minimum lot size requirements and recommend lot configuration based on soil data and topographical features.

Well site Variances – For private wells that cannot meet Health authority setback requirements from property lines, we can review well sites and determine variance requirements. We then prepare a report (with a licensed engineer) to submit to the Health authority for their approval.

Keith in a test hole